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Jame Bond Island Tour

(Phang Nga Bay + Koh Panyee + James Bond Island)


Program Tour


Pick up from your Baan Habeebee Resort accommodation anytime, anywhere. The accommodation in Ao Nam Mao, Ao Nang Krabi Klong Muang.


Departure from head to Phang Nga, Krabi.


Phang Nga Bay to the pier. Long-tail boat to cruise ships head to Phang Nga estuary. Views, large and small islands and forests. Dense mangrove lined. Visit J Dog, he views the Viking Cave and visit the ancient paintings of Vikings who had arrived several thousand years before the Phang Nga Bay.



Take boat to Tham Lod Cave to sift through the other side of the mountain. Sightseeing islands of Phang Nga Bay.


Spike up to him or known. James Bond Island. The island had taken James Bond movie. Guava is a favor that. James Bond Island. And a program that James Bond Island tour boat to get on the park. Walks on the island of view, which captured his spike symbol of Phang Nga. Then he walks upon each other, which look like a big slab leaning on each other. Then, buying souvenirs from the many souvenir shops on the island.



Getting to Koh Panyee. Traditional Muslim communities from Indonesia to emigrate to find a new address at 200 last year to cruise to Phang Nga Bay. When the island Panyi. Found that male sand small. Take it to berth has brought together community located on the island. Later visit Shun grow into a larger community Chao. But never before has a local professional fishing.


Today, the island became a source Panyi famous tourist. Foreign tourists visiting continuously throughout the year. Villagers on the island, so revenue from sales to tourists. Goods in the name of the island, including Pearl adorned Panyi batik and productivity of the sea. Boats take visitors park for lunch at the restaurant on the island. Then have to walk, freely. Community walks and shopping souvenirs from the island Panyi well overnight.



Arrive. Change in a van traveling on the same or Wat Tham Suwan cave monkey is a large cave. Cave with the bed. Stalactites and stalagmites of the most beautiful available. Outside the cave with wild monkeys live in a large number.



To Manora Waterfall. Look like a stream that flows into hierarchical layers. Each floor is like bath water, similar to the appeal of the National Drugs Than Obukhrnne Erawan Waterfall and waterfall is not a big waterfall from the cliffs. Is a stream that flows are hierarchical layers. Like in the picture is a peace of mind that there is no danger from any flash tourists can swim down safely. This waterfall has water all year round. But beautiful in the rainy season. Waterfalls, streams full of water. Swimming was not fun.



Departure from the waterfall sent to Baan Habeebee Resort at about 17:00 pm The program is not for you to return the aircraft at 18:00 am / But for you soon on a plane graphite 18:50 pm


Included features : Lunch , Drinking Water , Fruit , Transfer , Guide


Do not forget : Sunscreen , Sunglasses , Sun cap , Beach towels , Beach map , Camera and Swimming suite


Tour Price

Adult :

1,200 Baht / person

Child :

900 Baht / person


** Programme subject to change depending on weather and tides